I am a mom to a busy toddler and infant, and even with access to a globo gym with onsite childcare, I was finding it very difficult to get a workout in.  Between nap and meal schedules, and the never ending list of chores, leaving the house even for a grocery run has become a carefully calculated event.

Since joining the 42/7 community, I have been able to complete a quick and effective workout almost every day.  As a former member of Mike and Lorrie’s CrossFit gym, I was not surprised by the excellent and intentionally crafted programming. What has set 42/7 apart from other programs we’ve tried is the flexibility.  Every workout is customizable to the equipment and the time you have available. Even if I only have 15 minutes, I know I can get a great workout in that I can feel good about.  Mike and Lorrie have also created a supportive online community of 42/7 members.  I enjoy hearing feedback from others who are doing the same workout, and I love being able to track and record my workout using Wodify, and compare my results to others. I am looking forward to continuing my wellness journey with 42/7 and setting a positive example for the little eyes that are watching at home.

Julia S.