Your membership gives you access to three different programs!  You can mix n match them to suit the time you have in any given day.  In addition to the daily 42/7 workout, strength is offered 2x per week and Secret Sauce 3x per week.

42/7 Daily Workout Programming

If you have no time, 42/7 Daily is the program for you!  Trust us, we understand busy!  We have twin babies, operate a CrossFit Gym in Sherman Oaks, California, and Mrs. 42/7 also happens to be a trial attorney. 

We didn’t want to sacrifice our fitness for our busy lives, and neither should you!  These workouts take 42 minutes or less and can be done just about anywhere.  You don’t need any sort of experience to start.  You just need a pair of dumbbells and/or kettlebells.  If we can do it, so can you!

42/7 Strength Program

Have a little extra time you’d like to spend building more strength?  We got you!  The 42/7 Strength program features separate strength work 4 times a week that you can do by itself, or in addition to any of the other programs.

This program will cycle through foundational strength movements like the squat, deadlift, bench press, push press, strict press, and occasionally the clean.  On average, you can plan on the strength work taking 10-20 minutes.

42/7 Secret Sauce

Secret sauce always makes something awesome, am I right?  The 42/7 Secret Sauce Program is just that, only it’s for your fitness and not your burger.  This program is offered 3 times per week and is totally optional. Just squeeze it in when you can.

The exercises and movements you’ll find in the Secret Sauce target things that in our opinion are often neglected and overlooked in most strength and conditioning programs.  You’ll find body building movements, strongman exercises, core work, mobility, and all sorts of other goodies in this program.  If we told you exactly what it was, well, it wouldn’t be much of a secret, now would it?

Included In Every Membership:


  • 42/7 Workout Program
  • 42/7 Strength Program
  • 42/7 Secret Sauce Program
  • Access to ALL past workouts!


  • Complete Substitution Options
  • Dynamic Warm-Ups Every Day!
  • Extensive Video Movement Library
  • Questions answered within 24 hrs


  • Members only FaceBook Group
  • Members only Instagram Feed
  • Monthly contests and promotions!
  • View, like, & comment on scores in Wodify

Wodify, Your New Best Friend!

With your 42/7 membership, you’ll also receive a free Wodify account and be able to use the free Wodify App.

Wodify is a world class program designed to make it easy for you to see our workouts on the go from your mobile device.  Even more, you can use it to log your scores and personal bests, look up past performances, track your water intake, log your sleep, manage your payment method, and see how everyone else does on the workout.  It’s the best!

Terms & Conditions

All membership sales are final.

You should consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.